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“I want to see the world, not by the whole, but by the all too beautiful small things” - Ryan Harris

This sentence was the catalyst that started the Autism Advocacy Series. Upon hearing that Ryan had written this, co-founder Megan Moore was inspired to turn his words, and those of youth like him, into song.

Through this initiative, we are proud to celebrate the voices and abilities of individuals who have autism, as well as advocate for the genre of art song and the music of contemporary composers.

Our Autism Advocacy Series takes words written by youth ages 8-20 who have autism and are primarily nonverbal, and commissions composers to set them to music for voice and piano.


Our Concerts

The world premiere concerts are inclusive of neurotypical patrons as well as those on the spectrum. Our sensory accommodations include:

  • large concert halls where everyone can spread out and move around as needed

  • a sensory-retreat area outside the concert hall with sensory items (such as fidgets and beanbags)

  • no lighting changes during the performance

For those with sound sensitivities, we welcome you to bring headphones and fidgets into the concert hall and enjoy the concert however suits you best!

If you are attending one of our events and have questions about accommodations and accessibility, please contact us at or 513-443-2459

Our Collaborators

The following organizations and businesses work with us to make this project possible. Interested in hosting the Autism Advocacy Series in your community? Contact us!

Cincinnati, OH:

  • Sycamore Community Schools

  • Cincinnati Art Museum

  • Visionaries+Voices

  • RPM Community Cincinnati

  • Masotti RPM Support, LLC

  • Puzzle Pieces - A Sensory Sensation

  • Antonio Strings

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“As I left the concert, of the many things I took back, I carried with me pride and hope. This was the Lynx Project. A project of hope. A project of respect.”

*Read a review of our October 2018 event here*

Autism Advocacy Series: 2019-20

We are thrilled to welcome four new young writers and three composers to this project

Click on the links for more information about last year’s project, or our very first project in 2017.


Our Writers


Aarush Srivastava


Nina Szabo

Darren Stella


Emily Friend


Our Composers

Rossa Crean photo.jpg

Rosśa Crean


Meg Huskin

ABT_9.1.2016_7482 (1).jpg

Ben Krause


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Our First Autism Advocacy Project

Learn more about how our Autism Advocacy Project came to life.

View photos from our World Premiere performance!

We loved sharing these beautiful compositions with all of you. The concert was held at Sycamore High School Auditorium and was preceded by an art-making workshop by Visionaries+Voices.

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